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Please tag or collar your animals

Can you imagine, or have you experienced, that sickening feeling when you realize that your beloved pet is missing?

Perhaps kitty hasn’t been home in a couple of days, or your dog is simply not in the back garden where you left him?

Every month, we get many requests to assist in finding lost pets. Every month we get visits (thankfully most are short-term visits) from lovely, pampered pets that have become disoriented and lost.

We work very hard, with the help of our amazing network of animal lovers, to try and reunite pets and their owners and, very often, we get lucky.

But a simpler solution is readily available – collar or tag your pets. Suddenly, the situation becomes much easier – someone finds a wandering pet, checks their collar or takes them to the vet, the relieved owner is contacted and problem solved!

We, at Plett Animal Welfare, would like to urge all pet owners to please tag your animals. This is an absolutely essential service to your pets.

There are a couple of options for tagging:

  1. Collar & tag with engraved name and number. Available from the vet shops.
  2. PAWS Tags: Donated by Chas Everitt and available from our stall at the Old Nick MidWeek Market on the first Wednesday of the month or directly from Di Butlin (082 569 2571) for only R10.
  3. Microchipping: For those animals that refuse their collars, microchipping is readily available at the local vets. The procedure can be done during a normal consultation and costs are surprisingly reasonable. Prices may vary, so check with your local vets.
  4. QR Codes for Pets: Couldn’t resist including this – a QR code with all of your and your pet’s information stored online. Check it out: scanmypetpls.com

Please let us all do our bit to help make sure that every animal remains safe & sound. Please contact your local vet or PAWS if you have any queries on 083 287 9917.